〜The same wave never comes twice.〜
"Every man has each investment management style."

By gaining stable income,

・ Want to live more comfortable
・ Want to provide for old age
・ Want to challenge new thing while securing stable life

Many business person considers like this.
But we know there are many people who can not invest rightly because of uneasiness and complicated procedure of investment.

REAP does real estate investment as main business.
Not only real estate brokerage, but also supporting complicated real estate purchase procedure, planning of the assets formation, and after servicing of real estate purchase. And we can change your life to rich and fruitful as a consultant.

Have you ever gone surfing? When you are beginner,
it is very difficult to get on the surfboard which does not suit you.
At first you should practice and catch an art to get on the wave with small board. And then gradually challenge big wave with big board.
The real estate investment is also same. At the beginning you should start to invest with suitable size and gradually challenge bigger investment and build assets. REAP will be such a surfboard maker and become a private surfing coach for you. We will advise and support you and we believe that you could have valuable experience.

If you can get on bigger wave, the scenery may be changed. You may have greater choices and possibility for your life by forming assets with real estate investment. If you can gain stable income by the real estate, your choices such as keeping current life, upgrading your current life, and challenging to new things would be extended.

This big wave may never come. It is up to you whether you get on this wave. Would you design your new life with us?

Company Profile

Company Name
Reap co.,Ltd
Date founded
August 4, 2011
Company Address
2F, 2-2-16, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0013, Japan
President and Representative Director
Daisuke Akahoshi
10 million JPY
the Governor of Tokyo(2) No.93546
Business contents
Real estate brokerage
Real estate investment consulting service, life planning business.
Real estate development.
Shop management